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Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin, Togo expedition (28 days)

DMC Africa tour

·  Fully escorted tour: our company tour leader and driver, local guides

·  All activities, sightseeing and entrance fees as per itinerary

·  All meals whilst camping

·  National parks and reserve entrance fees

·  All tolls and taxes.

DMC Africa tour

DMC Africa tour

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Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Depart, arrival in the morning and departure for Djenné - Mud Mosque.

Day 2: Djenné - Market, Drive to Mopti.

Days 3-4: Niger River Boat Trip to Timbuktu.

Days 5-6: Timbuktu - Optional Overnight Camel Safari and Tuareg Homestay.

Days 7-10: Sévaré, Bandiagara and Dogon Country - Overnight Dogon Trek.

Day 11: Bandiagara Escarpment, Cross into Burkina Faso to Ouagadougou.

Days 12-13: Cross into Ghana - Tamale, Mole National Park - Game Walk.

Day 14: Boabeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary - Guided Tour.

Days 15-16: Kumasi - Explore West Africa's Largest Market.

Day 17: Kakum National Park - Canopy Walk.

Days 18-19: Elmina - Slave Coast, Elmina and Cape Coast Castles.

Days 20-21: Kokrobite - Optional Community Project, Drumming School, Solo Forest Monkey Sanctuary.

Day 22: Cross Togo to Benin. Overnight Ouidah.

Day 23: Cotonou - Fetish Markets, Abomey - Voodoo and Salt Village Tour.

Day 24: Drive/Boat to Ganvie - Overnight Stilt Village.

Day 25: Return via Cotonou to Grand Popo Beach.

Day 26: Grand Popo Beach - Turtle Conservation Project.

Day 27: Cross into Togo, via Lac Togo, Togoville to Lomé.

Day 28: Cross into Ghana to Accra - Tour Ends on Arrival.

The Route:
1) Mali - Bamako, Djenne Monday Market and Mud Mosque, Mopti, Niger River Boat Trip, Ali Farka Toure's Village of Niafounke, Timbuktu Tour, Dogon Country Trek and Mask Dance

2) Burkina Faso – Ouagadougou market, city tour

3) Ghana - Mole National Park, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary and Ecotourism Site, Kumasi, Kakum National Park, Slave Coast, Elmina Castle, Cape Coast Castle, Kokrobite Beach and Community Project, Traditional Drumming Performance

4) Benin - Ouidah Slave Route, Cotonou Fetish Markets, Abomey Voodoo and Salt Village Tour, Ganvie Stilt Village Tour, Overnight Ganvie Stilt Village, Grand Popo Beach, Grand Popo Turtle Conservation Project

5)Togo - Vodun Fetish Markets.
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