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DMC Responsible Policy

Policy Aims
DMC AFRICA Ltd is an ideal way to get involved and help improve conditions for local people. You can contribute towards this vital developmental work during a gap year, career break, or just a holiday. DMC AFRICA with its qualifications and experience welcomes you to take active part in this noble course. Energy, passion and commitment to the work at hand should see you through.

African countries have rich natural resources and ancient traditions. However, due to the onslaught of famine and due to underdevelopment, many local people are in difficulties. Many of local people are struggling to survive, which is why our responsible projects are so important.      

Economic responsibility      
You will be working directly with local people who need your support in their daily lives. We employ local people; we always use local guides and bring our customers to meet local people; this ensures your time is effectively spent and gives additional local employment. We make regular donations of equipment which benefits the local children. We support ‘Association culturelle pensons a demain’ in Bamako. This association works to help improve the living conditions of street children who do not have any shelter or any source of income. They teach them vocational skills and DMC Africa supports them financially. And as we are the key partner in Mali and West Africa of many media companies like the BBC; CBC,Channel4 Al Jazeera etc. we help them a lot with publicity due to which they have already gotten several donors all around the world like in Canada and the United States of America.
We also use local Hotels and some reception houses as in Dogon Country. This means that the money paid to these people helps to boost the local economy.
We encourage our guests to use public services; we book local boats in Mopti, Mali; in Gore island in Senegal and Ganvie, the African Venice in Benin.
We also encourage our guests to purchase locally manufactured products rather than their imported alternatives, and to buy gifts and crafts from local shops and markets.

Environmental responsibility
We actively support environmental projects by helping an association called “Sigida Lakana Ton’. This is an association that fights against activities that directly or indirectly pollute our water bodies more particularly the Niger River. What is interesting is that we do not only discourage people from polluting the river through their everyday activities but we provide them with alternatives. We have set up in some parts of Bamako like in Kalaban Coura ACI water treatment and purification units so that used industrial water is purified before sent back to the river.

As we know the dangers that the nature faces today we have always tried to cut down on air transportation. We try as much as possible to use land and river transportation. During our trips we do a lot of camping in villages because they have not got big hotels, and so do not waste water. Some of these villages use solar energy for their light. We encourage our clients to minimize waste by advising them to follow the African example and recycle everything. You will see how a system that provides no waste disposal produces very little waste.

Social responsibility
Supporting community development projects we are member of an association called “Association pour la Promotion du Tourisme au Mali”. This association works in the fields of education; hygiene; and cultural exchange. They are present in two regions of Mali namely the region of Mopti and the region of Kayes. We bring our clients to purchase in local shops in order to make some income for the local people. This contributes to the development of the local community. In our tours we pay visit taxes. All accommodation food and water costs go directly to the community. By supporting the Festival in the Desert and on the Niger River, you are helping to promote the quality and diversity of Malian music to an international audience.
In a future we want to initiate and develop new community projects, in areas where these could be beneficial to the local people.
DMC Africa responsible

DMC Africa responsible

DMC Africa responsible

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DMC Africa specializes in business and leisure travel to countries in West Africa. Based in Mali, DMC can arrange vehicles, accommodations, airplane charters, tours, guides, conferences, and events to suit any traveler's needs. DMC Africa is an inbound tour operator with destinations including Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Liberia, and many more throughout Africa.