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DMC provides consulting services to companies operating or seeking to operate in Africa. Whether you are opening a branch office, importing, exporting, outsourcing, or establishing diplomacy, we can help. Not only do we have the vehicles and accommodations to help organize your business trip to Africa, but we also have responsible government connections and knowledge about the process of doing business in Africa.

DMC has both the experience and connections to make your business in Africa a smooth and prosperous venture.

DMC Africa Ltd has a network of contacts in Mali and over sixteen African countries. We can assist you with market information, advice on entering the market (legal & fiscal) and arrange meetings for you, with the real decision makers.
We offer this service for the following countries: Mali, Libya, Liberia, Cape Verde, Senegal, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Sudan, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, The Gambia, Cameroon, Somaliland, Ethiopia, Algeria, Tanzania and Zambia.

Public Relations Services
DMC Africa Ltd also offers a one stop shop for companies wishing to launch a new product into the African market. We can assist you by: feedback on how to position your product, arranging your advertising campaign from start to finish, in the local press, by direct mailing, organising launch events and through outdoor advertising. We will also prequalify sales leads and key contacts for you.

Sales & Marketing
Effectively marketing your event internationally
DMC Africa Ltd has one of the best databases of industry contacts for Africa business in the world; it also has existing relationships with many of the key African and Middle Eastern trade related media organizations.
We have carried international sales and marketing consultancy / agency work in many countries. This work involves targeting the correct companies by telephone, fax and email, organizing national pavilions and making sure that the event is marketed worldwide by arranging barter deals with the relevant media. We also provide copy writing services for organizations that do not have English as their first language.
DMC Africa Ltd will be pleased to cooperate with local organizers in Africa, especially with events focusing on oil & gas, energy, telecommunications, education, aviation, finance and investment please do not hesitate to write to us on or call us at (+223) 79437604 or (+223) 44386332

Trade Missions
DMC Africa Ltd and its partners have organized many international trade missions in cooperation with trade promotion bodies. Our role usually includes: recruiting participants, arranging their travel and accommodation and matchmaking services to guarantee that they meet the correct people when they arrive.
DMC Africa Ltd will be pleased to cooperate with trade promotion bodies who have trade missions to organize in Africa, please do not hesitate to write to us on or call us at (+223)79437604 or (+223) 44386332

Company representation
If you are a company and would like to open a branch office in Mali or West Africa or if you are a company of African origin and would like to open a branch office in the United Kingdom. DMC Africa Ltd and its partners offer  a service including: company registration, finding you a suitable office space (this can also be a virtual office) and opening your bank account. In addition to this DMC Africa Ltd and its partners, offer a full package, where we will be able to represent your interests in the United Kingdom & Europe by: marketing your company, selling your products and attending important meetings if the main client is unavailable.
DMC Africa consulting

DMC Africa consulting

DMC Africa consulting

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DMC Africa Ltd · ACI 2000 RUE 402 P. 03 · P O BOX: 322 · Bamako - Mali · (+223) 44386332
DMC Africa specializes in business and leisure travel to countries in West Africa. Based in Mali, DMC can arrange vehicles, accommodations, airplane charters, tours, guides, conferences, and events to suit any traveler's needs. DMC Africa is an inbound tour operator with destinations including Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Liberia, and many more throughout Africa.